1. Family trees. My ancestors fascinate me. They had such interesting lives that make good stories to write about.
  2. Puffy clouds on a summer-like day without the summer heat. They feed my imagination
  3. Centennial Park that makes a good, quiet place to walk every day.
  4. Memoirs written by everyday people who will probably never be famous yet they have great stories.
  5. Scarves. This is the time of year to start wearing scarves again. I love them and the various designs and colors and textures and the warmth they give.
  6. Journals. I feel fortunate to be able to select from a variety online. So much better than the limited designs offered in a store.
  7. Coming across an old book that was a favorite at one time, yet I had forgotten about it until purging my bookshelves to make room for new books recently read.
  8. Slender books of poetry. Somehow they are better than thick books of poetry.
  9. Writing groups. We feed each other thoughts and ideas in the best way, thru printed words.
  10.  Italian hot dogs, served on a torpedo roll with fried bell peppers and potatoes with mustard. At one time, long ago, from the Casino Restaurant in Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ.


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10 responses to “TTOT-20.10.09.

  1. I agree with #8.
    This is a beautiful list.


  2. Pat Brockett

    #4 Like they say, everyone has a story to tell.
    #7 I found myself looking at some of my old favorites this week too, and remembering the people who gave them to me.
    #8 There is certainly some truth in this. I’m not sure why though.
    I have never had friend green peppers on a hot dog. That sounds like something to try.


  3. Scarfs! (er.. Scarves?!) lol
    I used to really enjoy wearing a good scarf… maybe I should get back to wearing them, seeing how, by all indications, summer might have left us.
    Have a good week.


  4. When i wear a scarf, i can leave the jacket/coat at home.


  5. Sounds like a productive and inspiring week!


  6. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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