Bend in the Road-arlene s bice

She flew out of the house in the center of a whirlwind whipping around her making her stressed beyond belief. Her mind was twirling through a mass of unhappiness, anger and so many questions she asked that went unanswered. She had been traveling on the straight and narrow, under full control but it wasn’t working. What was her next move she asked her dearest and wisest friend. Tone yourself down, she advised, stay calm and have faith, your turn is coming and is on the way. And there it was, as soon as she opened her heart and her mind, the bend in the road was right in front of her.


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12 responses to “SSS-Bend

  1. The hardest part of dealing with success, accepting our ability to control everything that we might wish to control and stay on the path.
    Thoughtful Six


  2. Illustrated well the importance of taking a breath. Well done.


  3. I like how the bend in the road appeared as soon as she opened her heart and mind.


  4. True friendship. Not the easiest thing to do, “stay calm and take a breath” but surely the wisest. A lesson for us all 🙂


  5. UP

    stepping back, taking a breath, and assessing is essential. Great job on this one.


  6. Usually, just when you think it isn’t going to happen, it does. Well told!


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