It was one of those clear, cool, clean-air early mornings perfect for walking and getting my energy level up before I began my work day.

The sky was Carolina blue with clouds straight off a Monet painting just drifting by with ease.

As I moved along about a mile from home I looked up and noticed clouds moving along at a quicker pace than when I began.

Uh, oh, I see the one little cloud hanging with its big brothers, it’s dove grey color darkened, beginning to look threatening.

No worries, it’s just a wee cloud in the middle of big, snowy, candy cotton clouds.

I may as well turn back anyway I think as I cross the street to turn toward home still believing that wee cloud was of no consequence until I reached 50 feet from my front door when that wee cloud burst overhead giving me a shower soaking through and through.


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20 responses to “SSS-SHOWER

  1. UP

    Living where we do, a storm can arise from an azure sky so quickly it will surprise you . Great job on this…I can relate.


  2. Guess you’ll be taking wee clouds more seriously from now on.


  3. I like the description of the sky being “Carolina blue”. Those clouds can be surprising.


  4. Many a time it has been sunny, but that one little cloud has positioned itself only right over me!


  5. Yep, been there. I know that cloud!


  6. Pat Brockett

    I love your descriptive phrases of the clouds and the sky!


  7. I love the description ‘Carolina blue’ and ‘clouds straight off a Monet painting’. Made me want to walk along with you in this picture you have painted. Have you invene=ted a new colour?


  8. Almost made it! Oh, man, I’ve so almost made it many a time, lol.
    VA?! Me too, only Northern VA. Much nicer down the southern way 🙂


  9. Nature’s Surprise Party… (familiar faces hiding in the living room closet)


  10. Carolina blue💙 nicely done and so relatable.


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